The beauty and warmth of real wood.

Here at Maple Closets, our goal is to make the highest quality building materials, real wood, available to you at an affordable price.

The material we use for the shelves and sides is a furniture grade ¾” veneer hardwood plywood. This hardwood plywood core is cross-banded in layers making it exceptionally durable and rigid

Solid Woods and Veneer Plywood

All sides and shelves have front face edging made of solid Maple or Oak, depending on the closet wood and finish you choose. This solid wood edging is superior compared to plastic edgebanding as it will not flake or peel off

Solid Drawer Fronts and Door Frames

 All drawer fronts, door frames, island tops and front face moldings are made of solid maple or oak. The sides of the drawers are made of solid maple and fixed together using French dovetails. Aromatic Cedar bottoms available.